09 August 2016

For many international companies based in the UK, it’s time to pick up the megaphone. Foreign-owned businesses largely kept quiet as the Brexit debate thundered on – understandably so, for fear of attracting vitriol from outspoken Brexiteers, or perhaps because they were simply unclear what a “Leave” vote would really mean for them. 

By Giles Read, head of campaigns

22 July 2016

Businesses currently face an uncertain journey towards Brexit. But few feel that uncertainty more than their young employees – many of whom will jump ship, long before Britain finally sails away from the European Union. 

By Tessa Berry

12 July 2016

A fortnight of Brexit-charged turmoil has taken its toll on Prime Ministers, CEOs and humble PRs alike. Spare a thought, though, for Investor Relations Officers, toiling in the stormy waters of UK equity markets.

By Nick Dibden

08 July 2016

The surprise Leave vote has sparked a leadership contest in the Conservative Party and publicly exposed just how bitter the divide is between Jeremy Corbyn’s small band of Parliamentary supporters and the rest of his MPs. Even the third biggest party, the SNP, is plotting to achieve its number one aim of Scottish independence. 

06 July 2016

As part of our Brexit series of briefings for clients, Powerscourt hosted a conference call yesterday with Ian Birrell, the prominent journalist, political commentator and former speechwriter to David Cameron.  Please find below a summary of the discussion.

01 July 2016

Companies across the UK are facing a unique and formidable PR challenge in the weeks and months ahead: how do they communicate through a period of unprecedented uncertainty, and one of indefinite length?

By Justin Griffiths, Director, Powerscourt

28 June 2016

The result is in. The political recriminations have started. And ordinary Britons are beginning to wake up to the enormity of last week's decision as they count the cost of shrinking investments and a plunging pound.

By Matthew Fletcher and Georgianna Vaughan