Crisis preparedness and simulation

It is not easy to predict when an issue or crisis will impact your business, or what form the issue may take. But Powerscourt can help you and your executive team prepare, enabling you to keep control over your own story and swerve any avoidable damage to your reputation.

As well as drawing on a wealth of experience helping clients to combat unexpected reputational challenges in "real time", we help executives and their teams prepare for scheduled and unscheduled moments of stress. Our consultants have backgrounds in business-continuity planning and crisis simulations, social media response and media training, as well as ad-hoc counsel on moving issues.

Sentinel is a bespoke crisis preparedness service, tailored to your needs, providing wide-ranging counsel and support to ensure you can anticipate any threat to your organisation and respond effectively.

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Services we offer include:

  • Audits and reviews of current state of readiness
  • Best-practice crisis procedures and planning
  • Training and coaching
  • Crisis exercises and scenarios
  • Horizon scanning and scenario planning

Crisis exercises and scenarios

We work with you to create realistic scenarios combining any particular concerns or challenges you face with relevant, up-to-date simulations of the likely media and social media response. This allows you to practice the handling of a crisis in a safe environment where any mistakes made will only provide valuable lessons for protecting your business.

These interactive, informal and effective simulations can help to instil a culture of preparedness at all levels of your company's management.

Whether a crisis starts with employee comments on your Twitter feed, or a natural disaster, the speed at which news can spread across social and digital channels means it is vital to know how to respond in a timely and measured manner. Ideally, you should also have decided in advance whose "voice"' to employ, and through which mediums you should be communicating.

Our consultants will practice with you and help you develop the positions on these key issues that you feel most comfortable with. We will help you to prepare your crisis management strategy and a communications response, for whatever takes your business by surprise.

Crisis response

As well as helping you prepare for challenges, our crisis preparedness and issues management teams will be on hand to provide real-time counsel to neutralise or mitigate the worst effects of unavoidable reputational challenges.

Please see here for details of our unrivalled experience of assisting clients facing some of the highest-profile difficulties of recent years.


Developed crisis management and communication structures for infrastructure, tech, energy and care sector clients


Provided senior-level crisis spokesperson coaching and media training to a leading City of London law firm


Designed and delivered a crisis exercise based around a serious cyber attack scenario for a major financial services company


Why us?

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Our team - comprising former journalists, business-continuity consultants, lawyers, financial analysts and career PR professionals - gives us an in-depth understanding of the manner in which news of a crisis spreads throughout the media, stakeholder community and internally throughout your organisation. We have more than 10 years' experience in handling crises for a wide variety of clients, from well-known individuals to private businesses to complex international corporations.

Powerscourt always keeps the long term commercial and organisational goals of its clients in mind, and works to minimise any disruption to those strategies.

You can read more about our services and experience by downloading our brochure here.