By Powerscourt on 24/09/2019


London, 24th September 2019, Powerscourt, a leading strategic communications adviser, and QuantiFire, a specialist investor research and data analytics company are delighted to announce the launch of The Living Perception Study, a ground-breaking service that provides unrivalled insights into factors driving investor decisions.

The Living Perception Study meets the rapidly evolving demands of investor relations teams and their Boards.  This dynamic report combines QuantiFire’s pioneering, market-leading technology platform and Powerscourt’s capital markets team, led by David Lloyd-Seed, comprising former in-house IROs, sell-side analysts and brokers, who properly understand investor and IR requirements.  This powerful combination enables both in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis, with findings based on solid empirical data.  Boards and IR teams will now be properly equipped with compelling, unbiased, clear and insightful views from investors and analysts.

By engaging with a deeper range of investors, companies will get a far better understanding of views on a number of key topics including strategy, valuation, management, communication and engagement as well as other relevant and significant areas of interest.  Our analysis also provides a number of unique insights to empower IR teams to evolve their engagement with both investors and sell side analysts.

David Lloyd-Seed, Head of Capital Markets at Powerscourt, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with QuantiFire to offer this next generation investor perception audit that is fit for purpose.  At last, companies will have access to properly useful and insightful views on what investors think about them, based on empirical data supported by qualitative engagement and analysis, rather than entirely subjective views.

“QuantiFire’s pioneering platform, combined with our highly experienced Investor Relations team who properly understand investor and IR requirements as well as Board expectations, provides us with the unrivalled ability to provide companies with this ground-breaking service.”

Charles Hamlyn, Managing Director of QuantiFire, said: “I am very excited about this partnership. Traditional perception studies have always been very labour-intensive, overly subjective and expensive or ‘cheap and cheerful’ but lacking meaningful insights.  Both variants have failed to deliver value for too long.

“QuantiFire’s clients have told us that our sophisticated online investor engagement service provides the most useful perception information that they have ever seen.  This partnership means that Powerscourt’s leading capital markets advisory team will be able to add even more value and insight to this unique intelligence.  I believe our new investor perception audit will disrupt the market for perception studies, as companies discover real value in the compelling insights and recommendations that this combined service is able to deliver”.



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