On hand to
clients during times of reputational stress


For organisations globally, the threat of data breach has never been greater and only continues to escalate. For most companies, it is not a question of whether it will experience a cyber security incident, but a matter of when it will happen and how well it can be managed.


In any crisis incident, effective communication is critical if an organisation is to preserve stakeholder trust and protect corporate reputation. Nowhere is this more true than in cyber security scenarios, where the risk of operational disruption, regulatory penalty, customer departure and long-term value loss could not be higher. More than ever, it is essential that companies of all sizes take every step to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber security incidents effectively.

Powerscourt has significant experience advising clients on complex and high profile cyber security matters across a wide range of industries. Our clients vary from major listed businesses and global consumer brands, to SMEs and B2B private enterprises.


In each appointment, we work in close concert with specialist cyber legal counsel, forensic IT and executive leadership and corporate affairs teams to prepare and implement incident response plans which ensure regulatory requirements are fulfilled, stakeholder needs are met, and reputational and commercial impact to the company is minimised.

We support clients at three critical stages of cyber security risk, from pre-incident preparation and planning, to breach discovery, disclosure, and eventual resumption of business-as-usual operations.


Comprehensive preparation is essential if cyber incidents are to be managed effectively. Powerscourt supports through critical planning phases:

  • Reputational risk assessment
  • Comprehensive review of crisis incident planning and protocols
  • Communications strategy development
  • Scenario planning and message development


Powerscourt is available to support the moment a cyber incident is identified:

  • 24/7 rapid response support scalable to any need
  • Seamless integration with legal, forensic IT and client teams
  • Emergency tactical support and press office provision
  • On-site presence and staff secondment where needed
  • Senior strategic advice and board-level counsel
  • Comprehensive expertise, including political affairs and litigation advisory
  • Reputation monitoring and measurement


Powerscourt provides a suite of services to guide clients through the recovery process following an incident:

  • Reputational impact assessment
  • After-action review of incident response effectiveness
  • Reputation remediation and growth: campaign planning and delivery
  • Ongoing litigation advisory, as required


Powerscourt offers multidisciplinary expertise in key fields critical to cyber security crisis management. Our team has significant expertise and experience in:

  • Strategic reputation management and C-Suite advisory
  • Litigation & disputes
  • Political affairs
  • Capital market communications
  • Deep sector knowledge across multiple industries


For more information please contact us on specialsituations@powerscourt-group.com