is our success


At Powerscourt, we pride ourselves on being one of the best employers in our industry and we believe that if we are to get the best out of our colleagues, they deserve to get the best out of us.

We recognise that the world of work has evolved in recent years and below sets out what you can expect from your experience at Powerscourt and what you’ll receive in return.



“What’s different about Powerscourt? Our belief system: the Powerscourt CREED.”

Our values — the Powerscourt CREED — are what makes us tick. They reflect a deep desire to hold ourselves to standards which put clients at the heart of everything we do, while committing to our wellbeing and happiness.

Our clients’ success is our success: this is our North Star in a changing and contradictory world. Our values make us the partner of choice to our clients and the employer of choice to the best and brightest in communications and beyond. We live by these values: this is The Powerscourt Difference.

COLLEGIAL (We are a team, we support each other)
We are one team – which has made us an industry byword for great culture. Within this, our sector teams – the lifeblood of the company – collaborate and flex to meet our client’s most pressing challenges.

RESPONSIBLE (we do the right thing, even when no one is watching)
We do the right thing, not the easy thing, for our clients and for each other. Any recommendation we make is based on nothing but the most rigorous strategic analysis and rationale.

We take responsibility for our client’s outcomes, with measurement and reporting frameworks in place to ensure our accountability.

ENTREPRENEURIAL (we are responsive and innovative)
We see entrepreneurialism as the highest form of ambition: pushing the boundaries of industry norms to create unique solutions to our clients’ problems.

Entrepreneurialism is also responding to challenges, to the market, to our clients and to each other: refusing to accept ‘good enough’ and always pushing for excellence.

EMPOWERING (we encourage everyone to contribute, whatever their role)
We understands the importance of diversity of opinion and perspective: we avoid group-think and foster creativity by making sure that every voice in the room is respected and heard. Leaders pass the microphone to others on a regular basis: giving everyone the power and opportunity to improve how we work.

DYNAMIC (we deliver results, through our creativity and energy)
We don’t just want to help our clients: we want to have a transformative impact. Our key ingredients for this are passion and energy. Our dynamism equates to never accepting second best, finding the solutions which are truly innovative, and throwing everything we’ve got at a problem. That’s what sets us apart.


Our people and culture are at the centre of Powerscourt’s success. Underpinning this are our values, which mean we do the right things by our colleagues and our clients.

We have a quarterly CREED award, to reward the Powerscourt colleague who has best embodied these values – all employees are invited to nominate a colleague, and the winner will receive a reward added to their monthly salary.